When we talk about housing we are talking about people’s homes, their livelihood, and their families. Stable communities are made by all the individual  people that live in and work in them and we would like to share some of their stories.

Almost everyone in Chelan knows someone or employs someone who is struggling with staying in their home or acquiring one they can afford.

Below are stories that we’ve ok’d with the owners so we all can have a good idea of who we are talking about when we say we need affordable homes for average Chelan Valley residents.

Rachael’s Story

I am a 4th generation Chelan native. My parents and grandparents were orchardists, truck drivers, maids and hotel owners here in the Chelan valley. I took my first job at the Lake View Drive In when I was 14  years old.  My favorite spot to swim is Mermaid rock on the South Shore. I love Chelan, this lake and the small-town community. Getting a job in Chelan


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