New Townhomes for $200,000

Emerson Village is our new development of 5 townhomes being built this spring at the corner of North Emerson Street and East Chelan Avenue in Chelan. These 1179 square foot townhomes will be two-story, two bedrooms, 1.5 baths and built with quality in mind, for only $200,000. The townhomes are available to home buyers who earn 110% of the valley’s median income and below (below $53,460 to $76,340 depending on household size.)

If you are interested in Emerson Village and taking a first step to home ownership, we’re here to assist you.

New to the idea of home ownership?  Still weighing your options? 
Take a look at this helpful info-graphic, Home Ownership Options that goes over a few differences and what to expect. It also outlines the differences between CVHT and purchasing in the traditional market. Also, if you’re still working on how to save for home ownership in the future, check out Money Saving Options.

If CVHT Ownership is right for you, please start with Step 1 below. Once you’ve submitted a Homebuyer Application (click in upper right corner of application page for Spanish), review the CVHT Application Packet or Homebuyer Application Packet in Spanish for next steps.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!


(Also please see our CVHT Application Packet for more details):

  1. STEP 1. Eligibility and Application.
    1. Watch at least 2 of the following videos on Community Land Trusts
      1. Grounded Solution Video
      2. CLT East Video
      3. Homes and Hands Video
    2. Take a short eligibility quiz to see if you might be eligible.
    3. Think you’re eligible? Fill out a HOMEBUYER APPLICATION online and submit.
    4. Once the completed application is received, CVHT staff will contact you with next steps.
  2. STEP 2. Verifying Eligibility (Meeting #1): During this step you will have your first meeting with CVHT staff to verify your eligibility and go over the structure of CLT homeownership, your home cost and financing options, and the next steps to become pre-qualified. At this meeting the $30.00 Application Fee is due (or you can submit ahead of time here). We’ll also advise that you review our current CVHT Master Ground Lease and CCRs for your community.
  3. STEP 3. Becoming Pre-qualified (Meeting #2): With assistance from CVHT you will seek a pre-qualification from an approved lender, then you
    will sign an agreement with CVHT indicating that you are serious about purchasing a CVHT home, pay a commitment fee of $100.00 and be placed into the pre-qualified applicant pool. While in the pool you will complete additional steps to become fully qualified, which are verified at your last meeting with CVHT. These include becoming a CVHT member ($25.00) attending a First Time Home buyer Course, and attending a CVHT Board, committee, or neighborhood meeting.
  4. STEP 4. Home Selection and Purchase (Meeting #3): You are eligible, you’ve applied, met with staff, became pre-qualified with a lender, have signed an agreement and paid a commitment fee. Now your home is available! At this meeting with staff we will confirm that you are still eligible, completed steps to qualify, and go over the steps to closing on your home. At the end of this meeting you will sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement (or Construction Contract) and open an escrow account with $500.00 earnest deposit to begin closing on your new home.
  5. STEP 5. Close and Move In! At this point, CVHT will assist you with completing your mortgage application and getting final bank approval, reviewing Ground Lease and CC&Rs with an attorney, ordering inspections, etc. Then you close on the home and we hand you the keys! We will provide a Move-in Checklist.


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