With CVHT’s first project complete, five new home buyers are loving their new townhomes and building equity at Emerson Village. Each of the 1,100 sq. ft., two-bedroom townhomes sold for $200,000 with mortgage payments less than the monthly rental costs of Chelan’s new apartments. Today we wish to welcome new home owners Marisol Rojas Zavala and family!


Marisol is an experienced caregiver who balances the needs of several clients in Chelan and Manson. Before qualifying for her new Emerson Village townhome, she and her husband Pedro rented in the area for ten years.


Pedro, who came to Chelan from Mexico 20 years ago, has a well-earned reputation for being a hard worker for many Chelan restaurants, including Campbell’s Pub and Veranda, who he’s worked for seasonally for more than 10 years.


“During this time of COVID, it was very stressful to find a place that we could afford,” begins Marisol. “Were it not for CVHT, we would have had to move back to Wenatchee because of how expensive it is to live in Chelan.”


Marisol and Pedro have two school-age children, Emily and Raphael. “Every time I told them we were going to move they would say, ‘Please Mom, we don’t want to move to Wenatchee, there is no lake there.’
A first-time home buyer, Marisol is grateful for the opportunity to give her children a stable home. “They can keep going to the same school and graduate with kids they’ve known since kindergarten. It’s fair that they grow up in a safe town,” concludes Marisol.