Chelan Valley Housing Trust is a 501-c3 nonprofit housing developer aiming to house local wage earners in Chelan and Manson.

  • Why CVHT? The Lake Chelan valley has a housing crisis. Most of our area’s wage earners can no longer afford to live here. We want to solve this problem through the community land trust model (CLT) which focuses on home ownership, perpetual affordability and stewardship.

  • What does CVHT do? We build homes that are attainable for local wage earners.

  • How do we build attainable homes? With land and cash donations from the community we are able to build homes at an attainable price for local income earners. We also use efficient home design and find creative ways to lower our building costs. 

  • What’s special about a Community Land Trust?  After fundraising and building the initial home it is kept attainable to the next buyer generation after generation ensuring that our one time community investment can serve approximately one family and household every 7 years.

  • When can you purchase a home? CVHT will have homes available in 2023. See our DEVELOPMENTS page for more information on our next community. If you are ready to apply for CVHT home visit the OWN page.

CVHT’s Mission

Develop stable and secure housing that is attainable to Manson and Chelan wage earners. We believe that secure housing in which families, young professionals, and seniors can thrive is crucial to a healthy community, and strong economy.

More about our need for local housing and our housing crisis…

Attainable housing was identified as our community’s most pressing problem in a 2017 survey conducted by the City of Chelan. 50% of our local population have household incomes of less than $50,000 while the current median home price in the Lake Chelan valley is $715,000 creating a massive affordability gap for home ownership.

Large employers and small business are struggling to find and retain employees. Local schools can’t house their teachers, affecting our local school districts and enrollment. Much of our workforce is forced to commute from out of the valley creating employee instability, turnover and lack of connection to the community. The cultural and social fabric of our community is at risk. Fewer and fewer locals are able to contribute fully in our community and lead healthy, happy lives.

WE CAN FIX THIS! CVHT knows how and is asking for your help to solve this ever growing crisis.