Donate Your Land or House

Chelan Valley Housing Trust gratefully accepts gifts of land and other property. All such gifts must be approved by CVHT’s board of trustees before they are accepted. Please call our Executive Director, Steve Wilkinson (360) 319-9772 or to discuss a proposed gift of property.

Donate Land

If the property you wish to donate is appropriate for siting permanently attainable housing, CVHT will accept your gift and hold the property until it is ready to develop. If the property is not appropriate for development, CVHT may still accept the gift, but would arrange for the property to be sold, with the proceeds used to support attainable homes.

A donation of land can be an excellent way to make a major tax-deductible investment in CVHT. When you donate land, the full fair market value of the land is considered a charitable contribution and you may reduce your taxable income by that amount. In addition, you eliminate the need to pay property taxes on the land, and you reduce future estate tax liabilities by removing the property from your estate.

Making a gift of land through your will or trust is also an excellent way to create a permanent legacy in the Valley and reduce the value of your estate, possibly resulting in estate tax benefits for your heirs.

Donate Your House

If you have a dwelling on your property that you no longer need or that you wish to replace with a new structure, consider donating it to CVHT. If CVHT determines that the building is structurally sound, can be affordably moved and renovated, and CVHT owns or can purchase a suitable property for siting the structure, CVHT will accept your gift with gratitude.

Your donation of a building may have significant tax benefits. When you donate a house, the full fair market value of the dwelling is considered a charitable contribution and may reduce your taxable income. In addition, you eliminate the need to pay property taxes on the structure.

All inquiries to Chelan Valley Housing Trust are confidential and without obligation.

Chelan Valley Housing Trust does not offer tax or legal advice. Check with your professional tax advisor to make sure that any charitable giving strategy makes sense for you.


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