Chelan Valley Housing Trust is looking to build homes for teachers, medical staff, retail clerks and other wage earners in the Chelan Valley. What we’re envisioning is a new neighborhood of affordable homes that will revitalize the downtown core while creating a healthy year-round community. We need your help!

If you own surplus or underutilized property in the Chelan / Manson area, please consider donating or selling it at below market pricing to the CVHT. In a nutshell, here are the benefits to you:

  • Donating your land offers you an income tax deduction for its full appraised value, lets you avoid any capital gains taxes, and eliminates property taxes on that parcel.
  • Selling your land at below market pricing gives you income from the sale plus the tax-reducing benefits of a donation, while eliminating property taxes on that parcel.

In addition, if your land is zoned for multiple units, you can donate it and live in one of the units the Trust builds on the land AT NO COST TO YOU, TAX-FREE FOR LIFE—or assign this right to a child or grandchild. 

Stable housing that lets families, young professionals and seniors lead purposeful lives is crucial to a healthy economy and year-round community.  And while everyone is talking about affordable housing in Chelan, you are in a unique position to help bring about real change.

To talk in person about the possibility of donating or selling your land to the Chelan Valley Housing Trust,
I welcome you to call me at 509-679-3506.

Thank you for your interest, 

Tim Hollingsworth
Chelan Valley Housing Trust


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