Homeowner Resources

CVHT wants every homeowner experience to be a success.

We have dedicated this page to common resources for homeowners, upcoming events, commonly used forms, and more.

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Homeowner Newsletter 2022

2022 Homeowner Newsletter

Upcoming Events

None at this time.

Look back for a Repairs Tips & Tricks course in 2022.

Look back for Financial Wellness Course in 2022

General Resources

Household Finances

Equity and Resale Projections

Late Fee Schedule & Reminders

Simple Household Budget Template

Financial Counseling Services

What to do if you cannot afford your lease or mortgage payments

Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance Schedule Template for Home

Coming Soon: Simple Maintenance and Repair How To’s

HUD Funding Resources for Home Repairs

Northwest Access Fund

Trusted Contractor List for CVHT Homeowners

Coming Soon:  Tool Library for Homeowners

Ground Lease & CCRs

Emerson Village Covenants

Iowa Street Protective Covenants

CVHT Master Ground Lease

Additional Resources

Coming Soon: Resources for legal assistance

Guidance for Insurance and Naming CVHT as Additional Insured

Coming Soon: Forms & Applications

Resales & Transfer

File a Notice of Intent to Sell

Report a death

Submit documentation for a “Seller Identified” income qualified buyer

Request to remove improvements at sale

Request for cost of repairs to be deducted from sale proceeds


Request a Neighborhood Meeting

Report a Grievance (requires an immediate meeting with CVHT and the other party)

The Home & Land

Request for Alterations or Additions

Report fire, water, sewer or other damage to the home or property

Request a walk through to identify maintenance needs

Request for Extended Non-Occupancy & Subleasing

CVHT or owner request for removal of minerals

Request for cost of repairs to be deducted from sale proceeds

Financing & Fees

Apply to acquire additional financing or refinance

Request for reduction or suspension of lease fee