Volunteer with CVHT

Volunteers are how CVHT became what it is today!

Thank you for helping us elevate our success and accomplish our mission of serving homes to local wage earners.

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STEP 1: Review Committee descriptions.

STEP 2: Fill out a Volunteer Application below.

This committee is made up of the Board Treasurer and should also include someone from the Development & Acquisition Committee. Expertise we search for in this committee are finance, lending, real estate valuations, & construction budget management.

This committee is responsible for:

    • Budget creation/review with E.D.
    • Oversight of assets and liabilities including promissory notes and construction loans
    • Oversight of compliance (annual reports, audits, 501c3 requirements)
    • Working with development team regularly to ensure budgets and reports reflect project goals and actuals

This committee is made up of Board members or other volunteers (lead must be a board member) with experience in construction, architecture, engineering, development, real estate or other qualified expertise.

This committee is responsible for:

    • Creating project pro formas
    • Creating site, engineering, and architectural plans
    • Ensuring completion of permitting and inspections
    • Evaluating acquisition opportunities and making recommendations to board
    • Ensuring acquisition of bids and compliance with funder requirements
    • Evaluating bids and selecting builders and contractors
    • Ensuring projects are moving along in a timely manner

This committee is made up of several board members and volunteers with expertise in fundraising, relationship building, and donor programs.

This committee is responsible for:

    • Identifying and implementing donor relation strategies
    • Identifying major donor prospects and stewarding those relationships
    • Maintaining relationships with major donors

The grants committee is made up of grant consultants and qualified volunteers to help CVHT ramp up grant funding for our future projects.

Goals for 2023

    1. Create a robust program and team to research and apply for grant funding
    2. Find and apply for any grants that are immediately available for Iowa and Nixon Street
    3. Ensure grant reimbursements are processed for Chelan River Heights and Iowa
    4. Help RAD Committee and Board maintain a focus on finding a 2024 project to apply for funding.
    5. Create a 2025 project (Chelan River Heights phase) in order to apply for funding in 2024.

This committee is made up of the Community Outreach Coordinator and volunteers with expertise in: social media, website, email communications, newsletter content, annual appeal content, event planning and staffing, décor, radio spots, and many other tasks.

This committee is responsible for:

    • Creating criteria and messaging for use in outreach
    • Planning all outreach activities for the year
    • Reviewing outreach materials for effectiveness and errors
    • Ensuring newsletter, annual reports, and annual appeals are completed on schedule
    • Arranging planning and management of events

This committee assists with the stewardship of homeowners and existing CVHT properties. Expertise that are needed are: property management, real estate transactions, working with clients in their home, maintenance and repair, and in home budgeting.

This committee is responsible for:

    • Assist with the Sale of homes as appropriate or ensure proper documentation during sales process
    • Planning for homeowner stewardship best practices
    • Providing creative resources to homeowners
    • Finding and arranging programs such as down payment assistance and great loan products that make homeownership easier for buyers
    • Ensure review & counseling of CVHT applicants and managing buyer pipeline
    • Meeting with CVHT homeowners as needed
    • Ensure homeowner Outreach campaigns and annual surveys are completed
    • Stewarding new homeowners and collecting stories

Volunteer Application